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Fat Kids With Forks

Trying to change the world... one meal at a time.

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This blog is not about getting free meals or ruining someone's day at their job they already, obviously don't enjoy.

This is about the fact that we work hard for our money and we like to spend it on eating good food.

This blog is maintained by Tiffany and Brian Whitten. We are married, we are twenty-somethings, we live and dine mostly in the midwest. I work in retail management and my husband runs his own business. We work very hard for our money and don't like to see it go to waste. This blog is meant to give credit where credit is due when it comes to good food and great customer service. It's also meant to critique poor food quality and sub-par customer service in a realistic manner.

Neither of us have any culinary experience, neither of us are experts in this field or anything like that. We are just two people who like to eat! We are in no way compensated for our "reviews" unless an establishment feels compelled to comp anything. We will never request that an establishment comp anything.

Each individual blog is forwarded to the respective establishment either via email or snail mail. One copy is normally sent to a corporate office and another to the individual store location. This is our way of "fighting" in store complacency and also our way of giving credit when it is due for outstanding experiences. Too often the good meals go without the praise they deserve. As a retail manager, i understand that a corporate office will get five complaints for every one praise. We're just here to tell it like it is. Good or bad.

Just for a bit of reference Brian and I are complete opposites when it comes to what kind of food we enjoy. This makes meal time interesting sometimes.
Brian likes ethnic foods, spices, lots of flavor, sauces, veggies, lots of color and interesting combinations.
Tiffany likes things to be very plain. No sauces, no spices, no veggies, foods in simple form. If I don't know what it is, I won't eat it.

If you would like to suggest a restaurant or have personal feed back for us, please! Email us at fatkidswithforks@gmail.com! We'd love your thoughts.

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