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9th-Mar-2008 07:32 pm - Applebees; Troy, OH
Updating via sidekick3 cell phone. Bare with me on the simplicty of this post as it is mobile.

The order:
Brian: sirloin steak/garlic mashed potatoes with a salad

Tiffany: plain cheeseburger and fries.

Jenny was our waitress and she was friendly, kept our drinks full and seemed like she enjoyed her job.
Brian's salad was huge and had lots of dressing good salad. Though it came out a bit late.

Once we got our food, the first thing I noticed was an oddly placed slice of lettuce on my burger. I flopped it to the side of the plate. Not a huge deal, but its just something that happens fairly often when I order food plain so I deal with it.
Other than the lettuce, my burger was juicey and my fries were crisp. I like to get a burger that feels like its better than something I could make at home. This was a burger like that. I enjoyed it.

Brian's steak was cooked and seasoned well and his potatoes were hot and flavorful. The presentation of meat and potatoes on a bare plate was a bit lacking, a sprig of something green even, could have spruced it up a bit.

The manager, John, was awesome. He came by our table and asked if everything was alright. This is great and we like it when this happens, but it was the situation he handled at a nearby table that impressed me
I overheard a patron tell the waitress her steak was rubbery and overcooked. The waitress said she would have them prepare her another. They did not wisk away her entire plate, they left her plate with her and a few minutes later the waitress returned to tell her that the manager was cooking her new steak for her.
After a few moments the manager came out with the new steak and asked her to cut into it and see how that was for her. He even offered to get her a box for the old steak if she wanted to take it home.
He was very friendly. I could only wish to have experiences with management like this when my food is messed up. The last time my steak was cooked wrong someplace the manager made me feel bad about it.

Just as I was thinking about dessert, the waitress came to our table and asked if we wanted to try some dessert today. Brian and I decided to get the $1.99 dessert shooters. I got apple carmel and he got strawberry cheesecake.
I thought mine was a bit awkward. It would have been better with even a spoonful of vanilla ice cream but I thought Brian's was great haha. They were very rich little desserts.

The breakdown
Service *** and 1/2
Atmosphere **** and 1/2
Food quality ****
Presentation ***

Oveall dining experience ****

Will we go back? yes!
Why? good fimiliar atmosphere, (Brian is a bit bias, as this is his hometown. We ran into about 12 people he knew.) Good management and friendly service.
9th-Mar-2008 10:52 am - Hotlanta
Going to Atlanta tonight and spending the day tomorrow. We're headed to a show to watch our friends play a battle of the bands and hopefully win a spot on a national tv show! Hopefully we get to eat someplace that we can review down there. We're looking forward to it! Stay tuned...

9th-Mar-2008 10:48 am - Tumbleweed; Florence, KY
Today we were inside all day, we both had the day off and didn't really go anywhere because of the heavy snow we got last night. There was a little over a foot on the ground and even the Wal*Mart was closed. (I know, right? I think that's one of the signs of the apocalypse.)

We drove around for a bit and decided that we didn't feel like cooking. We bickered for a bit about where we would go and finally decided that Tumbleweed sounded good. We had been in Florence for a while and had not yet been there. We often ate at the Tumbleweeds in Dayton, Ohio and had good experiences.

When we walked in the door we were greeted by a sign that said "Prepare to be WOWED." A bold statement, we noted. That sets the bar pretty high right from the start. We hoped the experience would live up to the sign.

We ordered an appetizer of chips and salsa and cheese. We saw the presentation of the cheese on a nearby table over a flame and thought it looked good. The $4.29 for this seemed a bit steep but, again, the presentation intrigued us, so we bit. Brian noted that the hot salsa was his favorite and that the cheese was pretty tasty.

We looked over the menu and ordered our food. Brian chose the chicken breast dinner and a Caesar salad and I ordered ribs, no sauce with some corn bread.

We had decent service on our drink refills. It took a bit for the salad to come out, but our server did inform us that it would be out soon, they were chopping fresh lettuce.

When our food did come out, it was a scene we were used to. I order something a bit weird, they mess it up and I have to send my food back. Of course my ribs came out with sauce and I had to send them back to the kitchen. Brian then has to eat his food alone while I watch. Then by the time he's done I get my food and he gets to watch me eat. This happens to us a lot.

His food looked like something we could have prepared at home. The presentation was lacking quite a bit. Even if his rice has been put on his plate rather than in a bowl, it would have looked a little nicer. The chicken was a simple filet breast, grilled with a couple of spices. For $9.99 we thought they could have thrown some melted cheese and salsa on top or added another breast. We rated the true value of the dish around $6.99.

My ribs finally came back sauceless and I began to eat. Now, if I don't know what something is, generally don't have any desire to find out by putting it in my mouth. I have no sense of adventure in that category as I am the pickiest eater you will ever meet with a very discerning pallet. There were green specks in my cornbread so I decided to leave it alone. Brian decided to give it a try and we were both confused to find there was some sort of pepper chopped up in this bread. Odd. I would have liked to have been warned of that, seeing as how that's a pretty strange feature.

My food was alright, but also maybe not quite worth $9.99 when I know what I can get at a certain rib place across the street for that money. Over all we were underwhelmed by both presentation and food quality. Service was average, but not stellar. At this point we're thinking they should consider taking that sign off the door. We were full, but not satisfied.

A manager never came to ask if the food was alright or to check up on us after our food mix up.

And no one said goodbye to us or told us to have a good night when we left.

The check was around $30.

The breakdown:
(scale of one to five =bad,=subpar,=decent, =good, =excellent)

Food Quality

Overall experience

Will we go back? Probably not.
Why? For the money, we know there are places in the area we can get a better meal at, hands down.
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