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Cheddar's; Florence, KY 
22nd-Apr-2008 09:37 pm
This is one of our hometown favorites. We haven't been there in a while and we had a little extra time that evening, so we decided to head in for a quick dinner we could review.

The order:
Brian: Cheeseburger with red beans and rice with water
Tiffany Chicken Fingers and fries with lemonade

I know that it seems a little silly to review burgers and chicken fingers in a blog. But seriously... you don't understand how good this food is.

First of all, I love Cheddar's. You can get a steak with shrimp there for like $12 or something like that and it's GREAT. We didn't have time to get a big dinner and our meal was under $20... not to mention you wouldn't believe the amount of food they give you.

The atmosphere at Cheddar's is awesome. They have a huge palm-leaf looking fan spiraling in the center of the restaurant, a HUGE fish tank wall that separates the bar side from the other seating and comfortable booths and tables. It's like your neighborhood grill. You know what I mean? I always know the food there will be good and the service will be good.

I ordered the chicken strips because Cheddar's has the best chicken strips I have ever tasted in my life. They are HUGE and when the plate comes out, it's intense. I wish I would have taken a photo. There's like six of the biggest, juiciest, strips, covered in crispy golden breading. i don't know what they're seasoned with but it tastes great. Even when you order something off the menu that is chicken strips and something else, like ribs and strips or steak and strips, they give you more chicken then you know what to do with.
And the fries, of course, are great.

The lemonade is great, I think they might make it there, it's a little tart, and very fresh tasting.

Brian loved the red beans and rice. I don't think he's had them there before. He also got a cheeseburger. It was actually the whole reason we went in there. We were driving and he said he was craving a burger from Cheddar's really bad haha. The burgers are so affordable and they are HUGE. They take up like the whole plate lol and they're juicy and full of flavor. Amazing burgers.

Cheddar's is an all around great deal. It's the only place I've ever been that actually has prices on the drink menu haha! I've never been able to make it to dessert there, but one day I swear I will so I can review that lol.


The breakdown:
(scale of one to five =bad,=subpar,=decent, =good, =excellent)


Food Quality:



Overall Experience:

Will we go back? Yes!
Why? Like I said, it's one of our local favorites!
9th-Jul-2008 08:33 pm (UTC)
Hey Tiff, it's Carson. Add me on the new journal, I love this food journal haha.
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