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Fat Kids With Forks
Trying to change the world... one meal at a time.
Buckhead Mountain Grill; Newport, KY (April 12, 2008) 
22nd-Apr-2008 09:00 pm
No, we're not dead and no we didn't forget about this... the past month has been so busy, we've barley had time to eat a good meal anywhere other than home and I'll be damned if I'd let Brian rate my cooking for the world to read... though I did make a mighty fine taco feast the other night and a sweet steak dinner tonight. :)


We have still been on the prowl for "our steakhouse" in the area.

We decided to go to the Buckhead Mountain Grill on the levee and I'm glad we did!

The order:

Brian: T-Bone steak with onions on top, fried tomatoes, and wild rice.

Tiffany: T- Bone steak, fried apples and fries.


The place has a great atmosphere and feel to it. We really loved the decor. It almost seemed like we could tell by the way the place looked, that we would have a good meal.

Brian had a pint of beer, I forget what kind and I had an Electric Lemonade, which basically was a long island with blue liqueur and lemonade. I think we got waters as well. Our drinks were only like $6 for both at the bar while we waited on our table. Our meals were the special of the night at $21 a plate.

We had to wait 45 minutes, but it was a Saturday night and it was like 7:30... and we were on the levee. So I kind of wasn't shocked. The drinks helped the wait haha. Once we were seated, I was really happy because we were seated right at a window overlooking the river. That was cool. I like that. The Cincinnati skyline was all lit up and amazing. It was calming.

Then the bread came out... Oh... that bread! It was served with cinnamon butter which tasted awesome! We actually loved it so much that we got seconds on it haha.

The steaks were GREAT. I was so impressed. We love T-Bones. Both sides of the steak were very tender and juicy. The filet side was particularly tender... melted in our mouths like butter. :)
Brian went out on a limb and ordered the fried tomatoes. He said they were amazing. He said their texture was great and he really liked how they were something very different from what he would normally eat. He said the rice was well seasoned and had a good texture.

I know fries are fries, but sometimes fries can suck. These fries did not suck. They were very tasty. They went perfectly with my steak. Sometimes I like a baked potato with my steak and sometimes I like fries. I'm glad I ordered the fries that night. It was perfect. And the apples... oh the apples... they were so good. If there's one thing I love... it's good baked apples. The cinnamon was perfect. The texture was great... it was all good really.

We even wrapped up the bones and brought them home for our chihuahua Eddy, who LOVED them haha.

The breakdown:
(scale of one to five =bad,=subpar,=decent, =good, =excellent)


Food Quality:



Overall Experience:

Will we go back? Yes!
Why? I think this is our new steak house. I'm pretty stoked on it. It was just great. We really enjoyed everything about the meal and the establishment.
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