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The Macararoni Grill; Florence, ky 
19th-Mar-2008 11:05 pm
bare with me again as this is a mobile post from my phone. Hopefully my html works out and I don't mix it up. My laptop charger is broken... doh!)

Neither of us have ever been to Macaroni Grill before, I thought I had once in Texas, but now I think I am mistaken on that lol.
Anyhow, we decided to go on reccomendation of others and drove out there on this rainy/snowy day for some hot food for our bellys.

The order:
Brian: Create your own pasta dish with tomato basil sauce, sun dried tomato, roasted garlic and spinich.

Tiffany: Fettechini alfredo with grilled chicken.

We both, of course, opted for fresh grated parmesian and Brian had a ceaser salad.
We both had lemonade.

Our server, Corinne, was great.
Our lemonade was always filled and Corinne was super friendly. We also loved the cuteness of the fact that there is paper covering the tables and there are crayons for doodling haha. It didn't even seem tacky, despite the fact that the rest of the restaurant decor was quite fancy. The overall atmosphere was just great.

The bread was great, there was olive oil with cracked pepper for dipping. Brian got his salad promptly and said it was good.

Not long after Brian was done with his salad, he said, "I think our food is coming this way." I told him I would be shocked if our food was coming out that quickly. And I was!

Another waiter brought us our food, which would turn some people off, but I know this is a good thing, as it meant our server was busy and he grabbed it so that it would not get cold. He even grated cheese for us and offered refills on our drinks.

The alfredo was the best I've ever tasted. (And I boast a pretty mean sauce that I personlly make from scratch!) the consistency was perfect. It was a perfect blend of cream, cheese, oil etc. I could taste all of the very fresh ingredients.
The pasta was cooked perfectly and the chicken was tender and flavorful.

Brian's food was great but upon tasting mine, he said he wished he had gotten what I got! He said the roasted garlic was good, most of the bulbs were not over powering at all, though a few pieces were a bit strong to eat straight. he enjoyed his dish but his only complaint was that sometimes the "create your own" type dishes leave you too much freedom. We aren't itallian cooks, we don't know what goes well lol. He was attempting to recreate a dish that was served at an asian restaurant I used to work at but forgot that we used a pesto sauce instead of a tomato based sauce. He said the sundried tomato and the tomato sauce made for a bit much, but it didn't mean his dish was bad, just a major workout for his taste buds.

I asked for the dessert menu but we were stuffed beyond belief and just couldn't do it haha.

The breakdown:
(scale of one to five =bad,=subpar,=decent, =good, =excellent)

Food Quality: just because Brian should have made a different order.

Overall Experience:

Will we go back? yes!
Why? great food, great atmosphere, good prices, good service, and we like drawing on the table :D
20th-Mar-2008 07:14 pm (UTC)
mmmm... i love macaroni grill!
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